We reviewed A*DESK’s memory obsessions and its large digital archive of images and specific terminology. The project’s coordinates are established as the playground of digital linguistic machines, which obtain the keywords with the will to organize the semantic fluids through fields of relationships. It follows a logic of minimum rules that reminds the dynamics of self-imposed restriction of Oulipo.

The main engine is a deadly iconic-textual word game, based on artificial thinking and human interaction. From the description of some images with visual recognition software, it derives a simple sentence, a kind of specular reflections with no clear meaning. Automatic learning takes control and introduces conceptual tensions. Following the marked parameters, its strangeness lies in generating an improvised thread of phrases, multiple re-creations and double readings.

In the digital age, excited by the logic of non-human agents, algorithms and deep learning, human composition can derive in a reordered world of non-creative writing and pure automatic stupidity.

Powered by A*DESK

This project was developed for Retraction,
the November 20 issue of A*Desk,
organised by guest editor Peter Freund.




In the era of the Network Revolution, the conflict of failed utopias has demotivated millions of citizens, invisible workers, and pixel artists. The situation of intermittent disputes and protests has led to strikes. Sisyphus stimulates the hysteria of a magic mouse in the matrix, at the click-and-click rhythm of the keyboard. It manages neoconceptual language with numerical values, analyses synthetic information index and speaks of an authentic linguistic renewal.


A close-up of a keyboard and mouse




A headless chicken runs towards an immense editing table full of books, with scattered memory and the impossibility of storytelling. Without comforts or comfort, the chicken invokes hopeful fables for each inhabitant of the chairs. It is an oral flow generator from your computer’s cache.


A group of chickens standing around a table




The Experimental Echo Museum recently opened its doors in spaces as invisible as the gap between the refrigerator and the kitchen of major museums. The current post-photography and paracollecting exhibition is a collection full of supermarket items and medicines. The dance floor of the mobile disco is a meeting point for the audience, who found by chance truly grotesque moments. An annoying spectator who visits «The Refrigerator Is Empty», the important statue of Franco in a refrigerator, criticizes that the fridge was lost and becomes the banal project «fridge-with-cold-beer».


A kitchen that has a refrigerator and a stove




The mapping of a system of writing and spaces invariably evokes the complex map of an itinerary’s locations. The territory of a sort of dual detective, spatial and symbolic play. Drawing or text collage of a decontextualized morning personal cleanliness.


A collage of pictures of different angles of a toilet




The Catalan Alicia Esteve Head takes a mass bath at Alhóndiga metro station as a cultural attraction. Make no mistake, the performance is also a tribute to the auca of Pietr Mondrian, full of scenes where a cop vandalizes the subway line with graffiti.


A bathroom with a lot of graffiti on the walls




In the basement of one of Polanski’s ancient houses, there is an exact reproduction of his cell for taking chemical baths. It is frowned upon to have bath scenes in the living room, although it’s poorly camouflaged in his house, it never hurts an inflatable toilet that spits well while fucking on it.


A bathroom with shower and a toilet




Cocaine scene in the bathrooms of a gallery looking at a sort of mirage of Dalí, in his decontextualized morning hygiene, eluding erotic-visual feasts with his lobsters. Velázquez’s mirror acts like a distorting mirror of an already distorted reality.


A woman standing in front of a mirror in a bathroom




Extra-sensory pejorative perception can be disrupted by creating different mirrors with decentralized optical illusions. The revolutionary reflection game uses virtually distorted hallucinations and mirrors that multiply the critical mental condition. It’s capable of sonically questioning the illusion of a hypersensitive subject, creating a symbolic garden multiplier of figurines and optical illusions.


A man taking a picture of himself in a mirror




A new generalisation of the Turing pinball machine is used to reform the out-of-the-case Educational Constitutional Act. Its TV technology supersedes the obsolescence of the command tower of the Orwellian pyramids. Designed to transform human cultural elitism, and foster post-digital thinking with cyborgs and fungi philosophy. Successful tools, in autonomous space-time centres, become a living future in the global landscape of code technologies.


A man sitting in front of a TV holding a game controller




The babbling of former President Plato has generated new narrative political conflicts in the Democratic Republic of the Orinoco, without his chain of command being successful in establishing an ethical art system. The supposedly democratic regime neutralizes the serious attempt to create the State of Congo Rose.
The phosphorite pink feather chimera sets a plot regression and turns off the Nintendo TV circuit with interactive stickers. We must engage a disparate debate to analyse and trivialize more serious territorial problems. LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC of glitch utopias.


A man standing in front of a TV holding a game controller




Sexualization of architecture has immortalized certain houses. The creator of Playboy famous home whose revolving bed has become iconic, has a fitness room, kitchen and office. And at the end of the day, he exploits architectural boundaries to practice heterosexual sex with the Chinese lucky cat curled up on the couch.


A man sitting on a couch with a cat on his lap




One of the pieces of the latest monographic exhibition on Marcel Duchamp is the work entitled Kim Kardashian with a moustache keeps his ass warm on a comfortable sofa. The institutional artistic context of globalised capitalism is characterized by the inclusion of overrated artists and works that offer no remotely original reading of the artist’s version of the urinal. I’d say Duchamp’s ghost might as well put a Monalisa emoji bow on it.


A woman in a dress shirt and a ribbon sitting on a couch




Gustav Metzger dressed in a suit jacket of African fabrics and elegant tie, dances holding a cup of coffee and relives a vital playful sonic experience associated with psychedelic dance. His sublime personal lysergic aesthetic is the opposite of feminist culinary experiences.


A person with a blue shirt and black tie




A middle-aged white man, in a suit and tie, paints the colors of the Spanish flag on a flag of a transparent white aesthetic to wave in the wind the disused right-wing speech. The image is based on the creation of a cheap slogan of ideas and values.


A group of different colored ties hanging on a wall




Barcelona will be the only contemporary city that states as a real visual heritage of mediums. It’s uncomfortable the deliberate breakdown of the most privileged neighborhoods and districts in kites that will undertake a long shared excursion.


A group of colorful kites hanging from a ceiling




An international art fair is one of the most important tourist attractions. The symbiosis of fairs and amusement parks is reflected in the carousel of the fair, its main function is the creation of banana-flavoured products. Offering a fulminant banana, the contemporary banana will be served.


A bunch of bananas hanging from a ceiling




The femur of a Mexican elephant taking out a banana is a symbol of the nation’s identity. The principle of identity appears to be proven by the impact of a wild association, a big elephant and a banana involved in the construction of certain Latin American nationalities. This representation of fictitious identities that will eat bananas is a pre-established academic setup in crisis.


A close-up of a person holding a banana




On the website of the Vatican National Museum of Artist Cars, there are a large number of electric racing cars. Rueda, a manufacturer of Hispanic-Swiss Tuned Flying Cars has converted crushed dishwashers and a kind of large communal hospital bed with neon headboard into a unique car ready to drive.


A bed in a room with a blue wall




The aporetic spaces managed by the artists are a kind of double virtual art space, for a lifestyle and resistance to the temporality of the work. It is an immense gathering place, joyful and symbolic, which houses inhabitable structures and objects necessary for the reflection on the project. This is the domain of the third space between reality and the self-managed symbolic space, both in the same alternative space.
It’s not an empty intimate space. The artist’s capacity in this relational space is to place walls and relocate a mountain of Woolworths-branded chairs and furniture, and to activate dialogues with standardization, the effect of that dilapidated Ikea kitchen furniture to create another design furniture.


A room filled with lots of furniture and a window




Migrant identity is a silent clock that articulates a subjective time to allow a look through the female body. There is also a physical body writing, showing us bleeding wounds from a complex map that now counts the operation of a non-terrestrial clock.


A white bowl with a clock on top of it




The model features an invocation of groups of apples on a work table filled with round plastic. Impossibility table or dematerialised art laboratory.


A pile of apples on top of a wooden table




In a strange room of an old mansion there are true thieves who build their own reading of the images. The obscure discourse ignores that there is also a female body on the table.


A group of people standing around a table




Astronomical computers were developed in the field of cultural products for the management of the plastic vestiges of modernity. The industry in the sector has deployed a unique social political value in the plastic universe. The portable and deployable desktop device combines yellowish plastics sets, figures, tin soldiers, packaged beetles and a sort of gadgets. An effective demonstration of its skills is writing, singing, taking photos with an earpiece and making coffee-tea-juice.


A laptop computer on a wooden table




Beneath the image of the stretchers of this large cloud of scissors, there is the hegemonic shadow of vintage checked jeans that never arrived. The proposal is currently being considered and released.


A pair of scissors located on top of a wooden table




The umpteenth apocalypse is a persistent linguistic game, introducing the «meteorite, paper or scissors» deviation. Irony is a good companion in art’s playground.


A pair of scissors on a table




In the semiosphere of applied nonconventional sci-fi, the rules of storytelling play with linguistic aspects and soundtracks of technology. Miss Borges protests marvellously against the old-fashioned and perverse rigor of religion, and the living scissors sound again on the solid wooden table. The origin of the pure sensations between taking hormones and practising art is a classic philosophical question.


A pair of scissors on top of a table




Solid wooden scissors ride roughshod over Universal Human Rights to create a wide paper arch.


A close-up of a pair of scissors on a table




After years of cuts in contemporary culture, the 21st century is a nice canned shit.


A man holding a pair of scissors in his hands




Some pagan little green men dance, wearing bright suits seasoned with the wires of their built-in microphone, which invites them to overcome the milestones of Western democracy. Pretend you’re possessed, as a didactic tool of thought, hilarious, and educational.


A man in a suit and tie holding a microphone



Sergio Prego

A commentary on Johnny’s already celebrated home video dressed in a cheap vintage suit and Velcro tie, and his series of seemingly daily actions. All of his anechoic camera footage follows the same pattern. The toilet that spits smoke in slow motion, and the symbolic paraphernalia to mechanically document quite similar gestures with his teeth. The uncanny disturbance of the artist spitting in the mythical project of the rotten brush is obsolete. Show me your Teeth, Johnny, and extend the scope of action to the essentials of neo-Roman painting.


A man in a suit and tie is brushing his teeth



Un ejército de trabajadores soviéticos interpretan juntos el himno partisano de Lenin. Belgrado contra el desmoronamiento de una época encarnada en el trabajador precario del realismo socialista. Cantan “Quiero un nuevo cepillo de dientes”, lucen un traje barato decentemente presentable y sus dientes son espeluznantes.

An army of Soviet workers jointly perform Lenin’s partisan anthem. Belgrade against the collapse of an era embodied by the precarious worker of socialist realism. They sing «I want a new toothbrush,» they wear a decently presentable cheap suit and their teeth are creepy.


A man in a suit is holding a toothbrush



¡Por el amor de Hirst! Amor de Tinder, descartable; amor feudal, tan tormentoso; amores y odios, creaciones de un dios oscuro; un segmento del mercado de la mediación afectiva que trafica con pósters de Tiburón y agujeros redondos. El diamante es el Hannibal Lecter del arte, la absurda marca identitaria de la casa.

¡For the love of Hirst! Tinder’s love, disposable; feudal love, so stormy; love and hate, the creations of a dark god; a segment of the affective mediation market that traffics in Shark posters and round holes.
Diamonds are the Hannibal Lecter of art, the absurd trademark of the house.


A man wearing a hat and glasses eating a donut



El meme simple genera una orgía coloreada de zapatos y pasteles de chocolate. Pero quizás nuestras mentes parecen muñecas y no procesan el meme perpetuo. LOL es la única risa que mitiga al culo opresor, potenciando esa mentalidad meramente tolerante.

A simple meme gives rise to a colorful orgy of shoes and chocolate cakes. But perhaps our minds seem to be dolls and don’t process perpetual meme. LOL is the only laugh that mitigates the oppressive ass, enhancing that merely tolerant mentality.


A doll is sitting in front of a birthday cake



Predecir el futuro es el gran negocio del presente. A través de una performance, investigamos el presente enrarecido ridiculizando a una típica estatua griega. Mientras mis ojos se topan con un enorme peluche de tela azul Klein, y el futuro cercano se erige en una distopía irónica tirada en un contenedor.

Predicting the future is the big deal of the present. By performing, we investigate the rarefied present ridiculing a typical Greek statue.
Meanwhile, my eyes meet a huge blue Klein stuffed animal, and the near future rises into an ironic dystopia dumped in a container.


A statue of a man holding a teddy bear



En el archivo del historiador de arte alemán Aby Warburg se ha recuperado su investigación de estatuas y monumentos del imperialismo y el colonialismo. Propone leyes poscoloniales y derechos universales de la naturaleza, el desmontaje de estatuas de cazadores y animales, y que se derrumben la estatua de Colón, la estatua de Franco y la estatua de la libertad.

In the archive of German art historian Aby Warburg, his research on the statues and monuments of imperialism and colonialism has been recovered. It proposes postcolonial laws and universal rights of nature, the dismantling of statues of hunters and animals, and the collapse of the statue of Columbus, the statue of Franco and the statue of liberty.


A statue of a cow in front of a building



LThe forbidden books chamber contains the best science fiction books. What would you call the conversion of the red book into an illustrated Bible full of notes from a punk-rock trend? Atomic bomb! It brings together narrative conflicts from other latitudes and injects sex, rock and violence into a full-blown communist iconography. The original bird flies over surprisingly decorative post-nuclear landscapes.

The forbidden books chamber contains the best science fiction books. What would you call the conversion of the red book into an illustrated Bible full of notes from a punk-rock trend? Atomic bomb! It brings together narrative conflicts from other latitudes and injects sex, rock and violence into a full-blown communist iconography. The original bird flies over surprisingly decorative post-nuclear landscapes.


A book with a picture of a bird on it



El inmenso mapa político escenario de protestas y revueltas en Libia es un compost, las altas montañas explotan en coordenadas de escombros. Es una suerte de diseminación de rocas, piedra y pájaros de la variedad diamante cebra.

The vast political map, scene of protests and revolts in Libya, is a compost, the high mountains explode in rubble coordinates. It is a sort of dispersal of rocks, stones and birds of the variety zebra diamond.


A close-up of a bird on a rock



La viralidad del proyecto perras ya es histórica. Una profética figura femenina hi-fi, vigilante a la mirada masculina obsesiva, relegaba a la forma de un perro blanco a todo aquel que asociaba a la mujer con la belleza decorativa.

The virality of the perras project has already become history. A prophetic hi-fi female figure, vigilant with obsessive male gaze, relegated to the shape of a white dog whoever associating women with decorative beauty.


A dog is standing in front of a door



Una fotografía que mira adentro y documenta la irrupción del genio cinematográfico. El inocente perro andaluz de Buñuel había anunciado ya en varias ocasiones su deseo de hacer de su muerte su obra maestra. Disecado y famélico, explica crítica y arte comprometido en una suerte de Zeitgeist contemporáneo.

A photograph that looks deep inside itself and documents the emergence of the cinematographic genius. Buñuel’s innocent Andalusian dog had already announced on several occasions its desire to turn his death into his masterpiece. Dissenting and starving, it explains criticism and engaged art in a kind of contemporary Zeitgeist.


A dog is standing on the ground with a frisbee



Estamos condenados al paisaje entrópico de los desiertos, y la experiencia sonora que sugiere el paisaje de árboles se ha convertido en la extendida figuración de una horrenda jirafa portando una ristra de salchichas.

We are doomed to the entropic landscape of deserts, and the sound experience suggested by the landscape of trees has become the extended figuration of a horrendous giraffe carrying a string of sausages.


A giraffe standing in the middle of a field



2-e1595422943288A herd of sheep grazing on a lush green field

Es desolador recrear la belleza de la mirada sobre unas ovejas electrónicas en el campo. La posición permanente de la cámara, indisciplinada y vigilante, sugiere una performance buscando el estrato más básico del potencial paisaje pastoral del desierto.

It is bleak to recreate the beauty of the look at electronic sheep in the field. The permanent position of the camera, undisciplined and vigilant, suggests a performance in search of the most fundamental stratum of the potential pastoral landscape of the desert.




Hay una historia fascinante de lucha y recuperación en el documental Salvar un Elefante Blanco. El apocalipsis de la industria del heno y las catástrofes tecnológicas provocan un colapso planetario sistémico, una extraordinaria catástrofe para los elefantes.

The documentary Save a White Elephant tells a fascinating story of struggle and retrieval. The apocalypse of the hay industry and technological catastrophes are leading to a systemic planetary collapse, an extraordinary catastrophe for elephants.


A group of elephants walking through a forest



Escribir crítica consiste en visitar el árbol de la sabiduría que sólo existe entre arte y vida, intentando adentrarse en una suerte de “matrix” del campo de batalla llamado proyecto. Pero antes de llegar, recarga pilas en el vivero que ofrece contenidos asilvestrados y bien regados por los trabajadores culturales y demás fauna. Encuentra un árbol contemporáneo y consume televisión o crítica política de lenguaje frutal.

Critical writing entail visiting the tree of wisdom which only exists between art and life, attempting to dive into a kind of «matrix» of the battlefield called project. But before arriving, recharge the batteries in the nursery that provides feral content well watered by cultural workers and other fauna. Find a contemporary tree and consume TV or political criticism of fruity language.


A black and white photo of a tree in the woods



Un cuadrado blanco vacío en un fondo negro es una foto de promoción o de portada austera. Al atravesar las letras encontramos cuerpos que actúan y que cuentan. Mensajes de personajes y situaciones reales. El discurso hace hablar el cuerpo del bailarín.

A blank white square on a black background is a promotional or austere cover photo. By going through the letters, one finds bodies that act and matter. Messages from real figures and situations. The speech makes the dancer’s body talk.


A black and white photo of a black and white photo



El gobierno de la ciudad y sus habitantes hunden el barco de Chanquete, que fue luego aceptado a los pies de la sierra madrileña en una pecera de agua estridentemente inquieta. La sumisión y servilismo de las autoridades pasó a fuego lento el know-how contextual.

The government of the city and its inhabitants sink Chanquete’s boat, which was later accepted at the foot of the Madrid mountains into a fish tank containing raucously restless water. The subservience and servility of the authorities made the contextual know-how tremble.


A black and white photo of a boat in the water



Bombas Matemáticas de Destrucción han sumergido en escombros las viviendas de los suburbios marginales de la montaña mágica de plásticos. La fotografía de una barca de vela deviene la imagen aurática de la destrucción de esos mundos y el final del antropoceno.

Mathematics Bombs of Destruction have engulfed in the rubble the houses of the marginal suburbs in the plastic magical mountain. The photography of a sailboat becomes the auratic image of the destruction of those worlds and the end of the Anthropocene.


A boat in the water with a mountain in the background



Piscinas naturales de agua fría de mayo y agua caliente de óxido; flujos espectrales de mar; volcanes que arrojan capas subterráneas de grandes rocas ígneas de una nueva era geológica; rocas no inertes de basalto, de granito y de tiempo forman parte de un palimpsesto audiovisual en espiral ascendente, propio de seres de piedra seca.

Natural pools of May cold water and hot rust water; spectral sea flows; volcanoes that throw underground layers of large igneous rocks from a new geological age; non-inert rocks of basalt, granite and time are part of an upward spiral audiovisual palimpsest, typical of dry stone beings.


A large body of water surrounded by mountains



Las playas artificiales gigantes avanzan intercambiando la biodiversidad por un árido paisaje llamado post-apocalíptico. En las fronteras de Chile la huella de la minería de datos proveniente de la cultura tecnológica está conformando un gran desierto. Cadenas de extracción y venta ilícita de tablas de playa son la horrorosa realidad del salmoncillo y otros usuarios.

The giant artificial beaches advance, exchanging biodiversity for a barren landscape dubbed post-apocalyptic. At Chile’s borders, technological culture’s data mining footprint is shaping a vast desert. Extraction chains and the illicit sale of beach boards are the horrific reality of salmonling and other users.


A person on a beach with a surfboard



El germen de una narración infinita es el sonido de la nieve. La escena de un país musical impecable haciendo sus exhibiciones polifónicas activa el guión y, unas rampas intervenidas al pintar con martillos o hachas, lo había cubierto con otras situaciones acrobáticas. Una grieta llena de plasticidad en la siguiente escena limpia la historia de nuevo.

The seed of endless narrative is the sound of snow. The scene of an impeccable musical country making its polyphonic exhibitions activates the script and, some ramps intervened when painting with hammers or axes, had covered it with other acrobatic situations. In the next scene, a crack of great expressiveness once again wipes out the story.


A man riding a snowboard down a snow-covered slope



En el mundo paralelo de los skaters, construir rampas de exhibiciones acrobáticas y crear nuevos recorridos posibles, de Londres a Tokio, es entender el mundo globalizado que nos rodea. La cultura skate orbita en la música industrial, el monopatín intervenido y la nieve de celulosa. Y las viejas fábricas abandonadas son dispositivos llenos de rampas, escenarios equipados de material de coreografía con espirales, cilindros conectados y rampas sorprendentes.

In the parallel world of skateboarderrs, building acrobatic display ramps and creating new possible routes, from London to Tokyo, means understanding the globalised world that surrounds us. Skateboarding culture orbits industrial music, intervened skateboards and cellulose snow. And the old abandoned factories are devices full of ramps, scenarios equipped with spiral choreographic material, connected cylinders and atonishing ramps.


A man riding a skateboard down a sidewalk



El panda de Google viaja constantemente en las bicicletas estáticas de un gimnasio neoyorquino. Sus exabruptos guturales llenarán vuestras calles y sus establecimientos con un bullicioso sonido ambiental. Esta primavera hará nueve paradas desde Estambul a Mordor. Entonces, todos echarán un ojo a sus pantallas sincronizadas con Street View.

Google’s panda constantly travels on the stationary bikes from a New York gym. Its guttural outbursts will fill your streets and establishments with a noisy ambient sound. This spring it will make nine stops between Istanbul and Mordor. Then everybody will watch their screens synced to Street View.


A group of people riding bikes down a street



El reciente accidente de avión ha complicado mucho la observación científica durante un eclipse perfecto. Se trabaja continuamente con aviones y satélites que revolotean por el artista desparecido en un desfase entre el sol real y el sol ficticio.

The recent airplane crash made scientific observation very difficult during a perfect eclipse. They constantly work with planes and satellites that flutter in memory of the artist disappeared in an offset between the real sun and the fictional sun.


A group of people standing around a large airplane



Mala comunicación durante un directo en la prime-time de televisión en un centro comercial de un gran aeropuerto internacional. Es un fuerte estruendo por un accidente en la curva final de la pista aterrizaje. El comportamiento de aviones y satélites que revolotean en éxtasis en las tierras de granjas de las abejas y otros insectos, es de nuevo un dispositivo de matar. Apagar el televisor es la frase de comunicación que acompaña la hilera de hacendosas hormigas trabajadoras que desparecen diseminadas.

Poor communication during prime-time live tv in a shopping mall at a major international airport. It’s a great roar because of an accident on the final corner of the runway. The behavior of planes and satellites fluttering in ecstasy over the farmland of bees and other insects is once again a killing device. Turning off the television is the communication sentence that accompanies the row of hardworking ants that disappear scattered.


An airplane sitting on top of an airport tarmac



Recuerdo una conversación íntima en un pequeño banco de un parque infantil de prototipos arquitectónicos aparentemente domésticos. Lecturas orales de borrachos escuchando iniciativas triviales del colectivismo y las habilidades de grupos. En un momento de la conversación, Corbusier quemado propuso una frase mucho más interesante. Tal vez no existen tipologías de arquitecturas públicas y domésticas.

I remember an intimate conversation on a small bench in a playground of seemingly domestic architectural prototypes. Oral readings of drunks listening to trivial initiatives of collectivism and group skills. At one point in the conversation, Burnt Corbusier proposed a much more interesting phrase. Perhaps there are no typologies of public and domestic architectures.


A wooden bench sitting in the middle of a park



La mayoría de los museos tienen colecciones de arte. Hay museos de ciencias naturales y plantas nobles de los museos de historia. Para desacomplejar al visitante creando nuevos museos, la idea es que el interior claustrofóbico de un museo es un delicado jardín botánico tonalidad turquesa con plantas psicoactivas, plantas mágicas y muchas palmeras, una silla observadora y hasta un camello.

Most museums have art collections. There are natural science museums and noble plants from history museums. To decompile the visitor by creating new museums, the idea is that the claustrophobic interior of a museum is a delicate turquoise botanical garden with psychoactive plants, magical plants and many palm trees, an observer chair and even a camel.


A garden filled with lots of potted plants



Hay una pequeña historia en una fotografía. Se incendiaba un coche en una esquina de un cruce de calles neoyorquinas, heroína y gente inidentificable con un lenguaje de mierda. Es un ejemplo de la realidad de la calle, zona de catástrofes monumentales que han sido utilizadas por el fotoperiodismo.

There’s a little story in a photograph. A car was on fire in a corner of a crossroads of New York streets, heroin and unidentifiable people with shitty language. It is an example of the reality of the street, an area of monumental catastrophes that have been used by photojournalism.


A car parked on the side of the road



Aquí la realidad se plasma sin pudor, es un rollizo incendio declarado por Trump, que reproduce a boca llena palabras ambivalentes de perritos que comen dunas de personas medievales. Era elegido para montar un carnaval de ataques, censuras, atropellos y detenciones. En las fiestas populares, 500 voluntarios utilizan palas para lograr desplazar la presidencia de Donald Trump, hasta que éste se derrite completamente en el incendio de la resistencia.

Here reality is captured without modesty, it is a fire roll declared by Trump, which reproduces in the mouth full ambivalent words of puppies eating dunes of medieval people. He was chosen to mount a carnival of attacks, censorship, outrages and arrests. At popular parties, 500 volunteers use shovels to displace Donald Trump’s presidency, until it completely melts into the resistance fire.


A close-up of a red fire hydrant



Al cuerpo social crítico se le supone un cuerpo transformado pero vacío. Este cuerpo funcional y sus afectos raramente están presentes. Son miradas digitales y voces que padecen. ¿Cómo pueden romper con la jerarquía del cuerpo político? De vez en cuando, ella dice «stop!» y la imagen se congela.  Es la imagen de una mujer extraña con parte un cuerpo exógeno atravesado interseccionalmente con violencia.

The critical social body is supposed to be a transformed but empty body. This functional body and its affections are rarely present. They are digital gazes and voices that suffer. How can they break with the hierarchy of the political body? Occasionally, she says «stop!» and the image freezes.


A picture of a stop sign that is on a pole



Imagen alternativa a los eslóganes de nuestro capitalismo y esquizofrenia neoliberal, hoy dominante cortoplacista y global. Capitalismo de ansiedad anal, vírico, inhumano, agresivo y espectacular. Puro capitalismo hiperespecializado en el plano estático emocional de un semáforo en rojo cuya duración se extiende más allá del amor incondicional. ¡Matarlos y cocinarlos! Thriller de amor capitalista.

An alternative image to the slogans of our capitalism and neoliberal schizophrenia, now dominant short-term and global. Capitalism of anal, viral, inhuman, aggressive and spectacular anxiety. Pure hyper-specialized capitalism on the emotional static plane of a red light whose duration extends beyond unconditional love. Kill them and cook them! Capitalist love thriller.


A traffic light on the shoulder of a road



Un extraño luminoso sintoniza un espectáculo porno subliminal. Es la primera señal pública que parpadea con un GIF electrónico. Los textos esconden reivindicaciones de las trabajadoras del porno que generan una eyaculación suprema del tráfico rodado.

A strange illuminated display tunes into a subliminal porn show. It is the first public signal to flash with an electronic GIF. The texts hide claims from porn workers that generate a supreme ejaculation of road traffic.


A close-up of a traffic sign with a sky background



Convirtamos la calle en un vasto jardín de Epicuro comunitario con un pequeño huerto planetario de cítricos y agua carbonatada en las calles principales. Un simbólico Jardín remodelará las calles de arriba abajo para transitar por los sistemas de riego propiedad del crimen organizado que estaban muertas. La tierra es un pequeño jardín planetario.

Let’s convert the street into a vast community Epicurus garden with a small planetary citrus orchard and carbonated water in the main streets. A symbolic Garden will remodel the streets from top to bottom to transit through the organized crime-owned irrigation systems that were dead. Earth is a small planetary garden.


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Al llegar a la puerta de la nave, el director de la International grita corten. El espectáculo es una forma de tratar lo poco que cuesta dejar al rey sin cabeza que decapitar. Dicho espacio alberga a un grupo de personas que durante treinta años se han dedicado a sanar las estructuras de poder. Hemos heredado una iniciativa de resistencia. Viva el rey muerto.

When he reaches the nave’s door, the director of the International screams. The show is a way to deal with how little it costs to leave the king headless to behead. This space houses a group of people who have been dedicated for thirty years to healing power structures. We’ve inherited a resistance initiative. Long live the dead king.


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La comunidad de los hombrecitos exiliados homenajea a los Centenares de muertos de la guerra de Siria. Atrapados entre multitud de cámaras de vigilancia ocultas, webcams, Leicas, cámaras de video Sony, de TVE, de GSV diminutas. Escucharon muchos disparos indiscriminados de la parafernalia de cámaras, fotografías y fotogramas.

The exiled manly community pays homage to the Hundreds of dead of the Syrian war. Trapped among many hidden surveillance cameras, webcams, Leicas, Sony video cameras, TVE, tiny GSV. They heard many indiscriminate shots from the paraphernalia of cameras, photographs and frames.


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La Teoría King Kong empieza con las guerrillas feministas que plantean problemas reales, en pie de lucha con ropa de gorila y altavoces en mano.

The King Kong Theory begins with feminist guerrillas posing real problems, standing in a struggle with gorilla clothes and speakers in hand.


A group of people standing next to each other



En las paredes de una habitación reina un sistema visual de los dirigentes de la historia, basado en importantes personas involucradas en el poder. Centro solar de nuestro sistema ideológico o representación de un sistema operativo interconectado.

On the walls of a room reigns a visual system of the leaders of history, based on important people involved in power. Solar center of our ideological system or representation of an interconnected operating system.


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Incluso los desiertos están llenos de vida. Relaciones de parentesco que no vienen determinadas por la consanguinidad. Presencia humana que cuestiona críticamente el monopolio eclesiástico de la espiritualidad de mercado mediante la comodificación de las relaciones de sufrimiento. Movimiento biopolítico o tradicional motín de los derechos humanos. Mr Satan y Doppelgänger reparten el pastel de la conciencia.

Even the deserts are full of life. Kinships that are not determined by blood-relationships. Human presence that critically questions the ecclesiastical monopoly of market spirituality by the commodification of relationships of suffering. Biopolitical movement or traditional human rights mutiny. Mr Satan and Doppelgänger distribute the consciousness cake.


A woman is cutting a cake with a knife




After years of collective work and national and international projects, our trajectory of oscillations and accumulated shit is not important. It runs through means and ideas between reality and fiction, the effects of cultural globalization, the violence implicit in the language or the possibilities of technology. There is also the case of some falsifications and other crimes related to the interpretation of our world.

Montse Carreño y Raquel Muñoz

Montse Carreño y Raquel Muñoz


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